by Oscar Wilde

London, the 1890s. Dandy Algernon and his friend Jack are both leading double lives - "Bunburying", as Algernon calls it. However, when one of them starts Bunburying in the other's territory, matters soon begin to develop unpleasant and absurd twists. Two really interesting girls will only fall in love with someone called Ernest. But who is? As often in life, the answer lies in the content of a woman's handbag...

Oscar Wilde, himself a true dandy, wrote this much-loved play as a brilliant satire that made fun of the upper crust. Enjoy it in English!

Performances were from February 3rd (Tuesday) to February 6th (Friday), 2009, commencing 7.30 pm every night. The venue is SG-Aula as usual, Geibelstr. 41, Duisburg-Neudorf.


Butler Lane setting the table for tea with Lady Bracknell. Cucumber sandwiches...

Algernon (with sandwich) and Jack.

Aunt Agatha finds the sandwiches gone.

Aunt Agatha having left the room, Gwendolen accepts Jack's proposal.

But he isn't "eligible" in Lady Bracknell's  book....

Algernon secretly notes the address of Jack's country house...

At Jack's country house, young Cecily tending to the roses...



von Oscar Wilde

England in den 1890er Jahren: Oscar Wilde, selbst ein vollendeter Dandy, schrieb das Stück als herrliche Satire auf Lackaffentum und Zickenkultur der feinen Gesellschaft. Algernon und Jack stellen zufällig fest, dass jeder von ihnen ein Doppelleben führt, eine Kunst, die von Algernon als „Bunburying“ bezeichnet wird. Sobald sich dabei ihre Pfade kreuzen, kommt es zu Problemen, denn gleich zwei Damen haben sich wegen des unwiderstehlichen Namens in „Ernest“ verliebt – nur in welchen? Die Lage spitzt sich zu, als alle vier aufeinandertreffen,  und da heiligt der Zweck die seltsamsten Mittel...!


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... is lectured by Miss Prism.

A visitor - "Algenon Moncrieff"? Let's see.

Oozing charme from every pore...!

While the Reverend and Miss Prism are happy, Jack reminds them that he has a brother in Paris...

...who has suddenly died there.

But now he's come back to life, oh no!.

That's a  reason to be happy, Uncle Jack!

Then Gwendolen comes for a visit. Is Cecily good enough for her brother Algernon?

Sugar lumps and milk serve as weapons in a fierce battle fought with feminine ferocity.

But reconciliation ensues.

"Call me sister, will you?"

Yet a man's name has to be Ernest. 

But what if neither man is called Ernest?

There can be only one.

When in utter despair, eating muffins quite calmly is called for.

So which one of you is really called Ernest?

Lady Bracknell will accept Cecily for her son.

Then Miss Prism's handbag reveals an unexpected revelation...

"My name is Ernest Moncrieff..."

And finally, three  couples arranged.

Happy ending!

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