Performances  were Jan 31st, Feb 1st and 2nd,  2024  at 7.30 pm.  Additionally February 3 (Saturday matinee!) at 5.30 pm.
SG-Aula, Geibelstr. 41, 47057 Duisburg-Neudorf.
Tickets in aid of the theatre: 6,- €,
(reduced rate for students, pensioners, the unemployed 3,- €)

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   by Manjula Padmanabhan

In a high-rise slum tenement, Om Prakash’s family need a source of income in order to survive. So Om signs up to Interplanta, to supply as a “Donor” whatever it may be that some very rich “Receivers” on the other side of the globe may require. All he has to do is stay at home and keep fit, in return for unlimited spare time, free health food supply and some great home luxuries. How cool is that! Deal? Deal!!! A futuristic satire by celebrated Indian playwright Manjula Padmanabhan.

Ma's darling Om has got the job!

So  the Interplanta Guards arrive and set it all up.

The Guards explain. The contact module starts, Ginni appears, and Jaya is ashamed about having no bathroom.

Ginni will have one installed for them! Later Jaya and Jeetu meet outside. A neighbour uses the new bathroom while Ma is watching TV.

Jeetu comes back exhausted and wasted from living on the streets. Noone cares about him - except Jaya.

The Guards come to take away the donor - Jeetu instad of Om! They bring him back the next day.

Jeetu is blind now - but he can see things others cannot see. Three agents arrive bringing Ma's videocouch.

Ma is permanently installed inside her videocouch. On the module - Jeetu? Complete with eyes, an American voice and a "baby offer"?

Jaya will not engage with a ghost. She wins the game by losing - ready to take her life unless "Virgil" comes to her as a real body...

Applause! And here's most of the team of this production.

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