by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Brigg

In the kingdom of Lancre a young witch called Magrat became Queen. Her baby daughter is now to have her naming ceremony. Many friends have been invited, among them Nanny Ogg, Agnes Perdita Nitt and Granny Weatherwax. But there are also some dangerous guests from Überwald: the de Magpyrs. ...!


Dramatis personae

An Omnian priest, performing the ceremony of naming the royal baby.

Very soon everyone is vampire-controlled and happy to agree to whatever they say...



The de Magpyrs are a family of modern vampires - immune to garlic, crosses and daylight - and already  busy taking over the whole kingdom of Lancre in a "bloodless coup"...! So, unfortunately most people are now controlled by the vampires. The few that can resist their influence have to brave the monsters on their own. Watch quick-witted witches as they struggle and fight to fool the bloodsuckers!


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Performances were  February 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2011 at 7.30pm. Tickets in support of the theatre 6 € (reduced rate for students, pensioners, the unemployed 3€

The vampire spell doesn't seem to work with Agnes Nitt! Vlad is concerned...

Granny Weatherwax in her cave, refusing to come along and help.

The de Magpyrs sample their first wine. Not like blood at all!

Elsewhere,  the other three ladies decide to take action.

But Count de Magpyr tricks them, and Granny has to leave her body to the vampires....

Granny  instructs a mob that she needs.

No matter if Death pays her a visit!

Vampires getting cheekier by the hour.

Nanny picks the priest's brain on vampires.

Nanny and Magrat find a devoted helper:

Igor! The count has murdered his dog...

Lacrimosa bitching about Vlad and Agnes.

The people of Escrow's rebellion works.

So will Granny's plan of the tea torture...

The Old Count will sort out the ones that...

the priest has got under control with the magic axe. Priest is SOOO grateful...

and "Thcrapth" is revived!!!

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