Summer term drama workshop (held in the English language)

PLEASE NOTE: THE SUMMER TERM WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL - this means we have no more free places. Sorry!

For newcomers to the group, it would be best to come on Tuesday 9th April (if you can't make it that week, please let us know when you will be able to show up.). We make a fresh start with theatre games and exercises that will allow both complete beginners and more experienced members to practise, experiment, and have fun together. 
We will also read scene excerpts from Shakespeare because In the next winter term, we'll put on a Shakespeare play. We will try out situations,  scenes and characters. This involves silent games, improvised situations, physical exercise (of the easy kind) - and playing around! It will be good fun for everybody (usually carried over to the pub).
Bring along: yourself and a good sense of humour! You will need comfortable clothing: we do games and exercises that involve sitting or lying on the floor, and some hopping about.

Interested in participating: Not possible for THIS summer term!




Sommersemester-Workshop ab 9. April 2024.

ACHTUNG: DER SOMMERSEMESTER-WORKSHOP IST VOLL BELEGT - wir haben leider keine freien Plätze mehr!





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