by Arthur Miller

Massachusetts, 1692. In the village of Salem some young girls seem to be hit by a strange illness. We soon learn that they are just covering up a silly teenage experiment, but since nobody in Salem knows about this, the girls' illness is instead blamed on witchcraft.  Reverend Hale, an expert on the subject, is called in for help. One of the girls quickly realizes that confessing will save her head, so Abigail confesses to witchcraft and starts accusing others.  This lifts the girls to a position of power. From then on the  situation in town spins out of control - people who find themselves accused can only save their lives by confessing  and blaming others...

Will my Betty be well again?

Maybe some professional help is needed.

Abigail tries to control Proctor.

All the other girls around Betty..

Hale, the expert, practising exorcism.


There are some people who do not fall prey to the social hysteria, and who want to convince the court that an investigation into the facts of the case will reveal the truth. Is it too late for the voice of reason to be heard?


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Performances were  February  2nd, 3rd,  4th and 5th, 2010 at 7.30pm. Tickets in support of the theatre 6 € (reduced rate for students, pensioners, the unemployed 3€

Investigation in progress

Mary has got things to say...!

The Proctors going over the ten commandments.

Elizabeth Proctor has been arrested.

But Hale, Parris and Hathorne do not agree.

A commotion occurs in the courtroom!.

Hathorne is relentless.

After speaking out, Mary is back with the girls.

Hale denounces the proceedings.

Tituba and Sarah Goode, waiting for the devil to take them  to the pleasures of Barbados..

"A woman should prevail uopn her husband."

But what if the wife isn't cooperating...

Proctor is made to sign his name.

But he has been maliciously tricked!

And so have others...

The Proctors taking their final leave.

"Hang them high!"

"He have his goodness now..."

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