At Trainsmith Media, Chandler is bored and fed up with directing actoids...

Why is that nurse actoid laughing?

 Carla Pepperbloom brings Trainsmith's nephew, a film student.


  by Alan Ayckbourn


The time is the future. Actoid JCF 31 333, a robot built and pre-programmed for acting in daily TV soaps, suddenly laughs. A fault - or a genuine sense of humour? Film student Adam falls in love with her and the couple run away, getting themselves into trouble faster than anyone can say “Pygmalion” or “I Robot”. Ayckbourn’s comedy playfully explores both the emotional and the physical borderland of being human.

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Performances were February 6th, 7th, 8th at 7.30pm and Sat 9th at 5:30pm. Tickets in support of the theatre 6 € (reduced rate for students, pensioners, the unemployed 3€

Studio boss Lester Trainsmith decides to have the nurse actoid melted down.

But human-actoid relations are developing.

Last updated April 8th, 2023