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11. 2. 2016

Hi guys! Thanks for letting me watch the dress rehearsal! What I saw was very impressive. First I liked the stage setting, the interludes and I loved the diverse costumes. Secondly and more importantly your acting was great. I loved that you found the line between too much insanity and not enough. It works! You can be proud! Even though you might already be setting everything up and putting make-upon, I just wanted to wish you toi toi toi for tonight and the upcomingnights! Let the cats burn, eat your sandwiches, count your steps, fanboy over Mozart, try to put Brecht on, play your tunes, switch the lights on, cut your hair (in 12 hours), play war with your soldiers, start a movement, find a new boyfriend, keep the
   lunatics inside and most importantly enjoy the show! It won't last long, but make the best of it! I know you will. Break a leg to my  fellow DUETs! :-)

   Marie- Kristin on Facebook


10. 2. 2016

Gestern Abend - ganz großes Theater - wieder einmal!!!  Vielen Dank an alle wunderbaren Schauspieler für diesen amüsanten Abend!
Sabine, Krefeld, 10.02.2016 via Facebook
12. 2. 2016
Congrats, dear DUETs, Wonderful performance!
Marion B on Facebook
Once again congratulations to you and all the cast for the very successful performance yesterday evening and, of course, for all the hard work that must have gone into it. It was not an easy play to put on. At the beginning the audience were not sure what they had let themselves in for (was it a serious play or a comedy or a mixture of both?) but the acting was superb and the longer the play went on, the more everybody was ableto sit back and  enjoy it. I only heard positive comments from the people I spoke
 to afterwards. I wish you all the best of luck for this evening's final performance.
Best wishes,  Alan W.

Thanks for your nice play! :)
Volodymyr V. on Facebook
This was such an amazing play! Good job you guys!! Thank you so much for this!!
Mahmoud S. on Facebook
14. 2. 2016
Well worth the trip from Ireland to meet up and watch a brilliant production of a witty and moving play. Well done to cast and crew alike!
Donnacha B. on Facebook


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