Note to professional actors

It has to be said that we are of no interest to professional actors because what we do is amateur dramatics, so if you are looking for paid employment, we cannot offer that. Our work is not paid and our performances are strictly non-profit. Our aim is to practise English, explore drama, offer social contact and contribute to the cultural face of the university.

The year-round weekly drama workshop is held by three of us (as trained in Ireland with the Amateur Drama League). Our participants are students, ex-students, and a couple of freelance actors. For all of them, the drama workshop is a language class and rehearsals are an English-language spare time activity. Some have years of experience acting in our plays. Quite a few are absolute beginners from various countries of origin studying technical subjects at Duisburg university. We are always a blend of experienced members and absolute newcomers, so our workshop has to deal with the needs of both at the same time.

However, if all this information does not  have the effect of deterring you, welcome to DUET with its international freshfaces and die-hard oddballs!


Last updated Sept 21st, 2023