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R.I.P.'s Café

Back in '99, for our variety show 'Shit Happens', we wrote 'R.I.P's Café'. It was a playlet about some celebrities who had died and then arrived at a lounge where they hung around the bar waiting for the ferryman to come and take them across to the great Beyond. They were characters from very different eras and backgrounds of history and literature. In this neutral waiting area between living memory and ultimate oblivion, they treated each other with interest, jealousy, humour and even solidarity - in other words, as alive as the people they once were.
Little did we think that we would ever make reference to 'R.I.P.'s Café' again - but indeed the crazy idea of there being such a lounge where they might all be together in our imagination gives us some comfort as we fondly and gratefully remember those DUETs who now grace a different stage.


played parts in "Leave It to Psmith", "The Dining Room", "Equus", "Play It again, Sam", "Goodbye", "Dracula", "The Odd Couple", "Shit Happens", "The Tempest", "Wuthering Heights", "Pack of Lies", "Nude With Violin", "Wyrd Sisters", "Blood Brothers", "Carpe Jugulum". Stevie was also a reliable and experienced builder of set parts for many DUET plays.


a participant from the very first years, Günther appeared in "The Admirable Crichton",  Zigger Zagger", Confusions", "Old Time Music Hall", "Leave It To Psmith", "Play It  Again, Sam", "Goodbye" and "One For The Road".


(and we'll respect that)

played a go go girl in "Play It Again, Sam", a nun in "Goodbye", Rita in "Educating Rita" and also directed her own DUET production of "One For The Road".




played Lord Illingworth in "A Woman of No Importance" and did artwork for "Waiting For Lefty"/"Effie's Burning". Andreas also worked as a student assistant co-ordinating the English-language student theatre festival FEAST, inviting players from European countries, finding them accommodation and providing tips for their stay.



There may be yet more whose names could be here - we have no way of knowing. May they all rest in peace.

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